Because of Games

Because of Games is an indie game studio. We'll be producing fun games with a broad and popular appeal. They'll also have some depth and surprises. At least that's the plan.

Peter Halasz

Peter Halasz heads Because of Games, doing programming and game design. He is a Melbourne-based, self-taught software engineer who started programming with an 8-bit home computer.

Peter's game design draws elements from diverse areas of formal study including renewable energy, sign language, genetics, and education theory.

Bubble physics logo

Welcome to Because of Games

Well this is the B/CoG website. Exciting, hey?

Bubble Physics (coming soon!)

Bubble Physics is the first game from Because Of Games. It's a 2D puzzler with a relaxed gameplay. It's well into development (under the codename Magnoa) and is due to be released "soon". Follow us on Twitter for the beta test and final release announcements. There's also my personal tweets which I update more often.


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